BLINK Will Light Up Downtown Cincinnati


2017 Fall Arts Preview

It’s certainly ambitious. From October 12 to 15, BLINK aims to transform 20 downtown city blocks into one collective walkable, outdoor, interactive art exhibit. The free event—a collaboration between the Haile Foundation, AGAR, Brave Berlin, and ArtWorks—will feature light projections, street painting, immersive installations, and food trucks galore. If all goes as planned, Cincinnati’s artistic bona fides will take a giant leap forward.

→ In addition to an interactive garden throughout Washington Park, the main lawn will host Architects of Air, a traveling exhibition of inflatable, walk-through “luminarium” structures that convert sunlight into a labyrinth of retina-dazzling color.

Washington Park

Renderings courtesy Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

→ BLINK’s goal is for art to foster a communal atmosphere in places like the lot behind St. Francis Xavier church at Sixth and Sycamore, which will feature dynamic projection-mapping installations, plus music, food, and drinks.

St. Francis Xavier church

Renderings courtesy Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

→ Ordinarily static facades, sculptures, and streetscapes will be brought to life through projection mapping and lighting effects, like this illuminated relief wall at Great American Ball Park or the 360-degree interactive programming at the Freedom Center.

Great American Ball Park

Renderings courtesy Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

→ The festival will feature live painting exhibitions spread across all 20 blocks, including 20 new murals. The Contemporary Arts Center will serve as a hub for a number of artists and exhibits, in addition to providing a landscape for its own projection display.

The Contemporary Arts Center

Renderings courtesy Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

October 12 to 15, downtown,

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