Three Instagram-Worthy Blink Spots

Blink returns this fall, bringing its spectacular light show to downtown, OTR, and Northern Kentucky. Capture the magic for your Insta at these three spots.

Illustration by Dan Sipple

This year marks the return of a new and expanded Blink, the Brave Berlin–driven light festival that creates gorgeous temporary projection mapped installations throughout downtown, OTR, and Northern Kentucky. Want to capture the magic for Instagram? Try these three spots.

The John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge
As if it wasn’t already picture perfect, this year’s Blink will see the Roebling connect the festival to Covington with a complete multisensory experience. It will be bathed in colorful lights and, says Steve McGowan of Brave Berlin, a founding partner of Blink, there is a plan to make The Singing Bridge actually sing through an original score “born of the unique sound that has given the Roebling her name.” An interactive component, currently in the works, will be the cherry on top.

Street Mural Gallery near Findlay Market
We all know the neighborhood surrounding Findlay Market is on the up-and-up, but did you also know it has become a world-class destination for street art? This year’s Blink will play upon that strength, featuring works from international street artists, including ROA, Vhils, and Jonathan Lamb. “Every mural,” McGowan says, “is a photo opportunity.” And, during Blink, some of the pieces will come to life through the festival’s impressive projection mapping technology.

Rainbow Bridge
A 50-foot, multicolored LED bridge will span the lawn in front of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. It will be a magical display, one event organizers are calling a “symbol of unity and inclusion.” “Both sides of the arch will animate through a spectrum of color and patterns,” McGowan says. And, for a small fee, festivalgoers can even climb to the top for what could be the best Insta opportunity of all.

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