The Cincinnati Art Museum’s New Art Climb Is a Great Workout

The new steps from Gilbert Avenue to the Cincinnati Art Museum’s parking lot will definitely get your heart rate up.

Photograph by Tim Bayer

Now you can work out and appreciate art simultaneously, thanks to the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Art Climb. They call it a “recreational art interaction.” We call it a “workout worth sweating for.” Starting from the sidewalk at the intersection of Gilbert Avenue and Eden Park Drive, several flights of steps and landings zigzag up nine stories of land, or about 450 feet, to the museum’s front parking lot.

While the steps themselves are impressive by design (complete with lighting and security cameras!), the Art Climb is surrounded by immaculate landscaping, and, by the end of the year, actual works of art will be installed throughout. The first installation will feature three pieces from the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park collection. It’s all a part of the museum’s multistep plan to give its grounds a facelift, grow its collection, and engage with surrounding neighborhoods. Last fall, the museum unveiled a new ADA-compliant front entrance, making it easier for visitors using wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers. Up next, the museum plans to upgrade its parking options and add more outdoor trails and art spaces. Until then, we suggest taking advantage of the city’s newest set of scenic steps.

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