The Bold Face Dairy Bar Sweetens Up East Price Hill

If regular creamy whip isn’t fancy enough for you, try this shop’s signature cone, with caramel, a chocolate sauce center, sprinkles, and edible gold leaf.

Photograph by Paisley Stone

Llongtime friends and East Price Hill residents Andy Grear and Rhett Harkins realized there weren’t many places in their neighborhood to take their families out for ice cream. So they decided to change that. This spring, the duo opened The Bold Face Dairy Bar, which features a walk-up window offering classic creamy whip flavors along with creative twists, plus an expansive outdoor patio with picnic tables and yard games.

“We realized that soft-serve ice cream is a great product in that it can appeal to all demographics of people, thereby, hopefully building stronger community in our neighborhood,” Harkins says.

Photograph by Paisley Stone

When setting out to open the shop, Grear and Harkins knew they wanted some local connection to the name to show their love for the area, so they chose one with a historical nod. Before neighborhood founder General Rees Price bought large parts of Price Hill in the 19th century, it was known as Boldface Hill, named after the Miami Chief Boldface.

In addition to its unique name, they also put uncommon (some may say bold) flavors on the menu, like lavender, cardamom, chai tea, coffee, and Bourbon Barrel Stout, plus a bevvy of toppings and mix-ins, including coconut shavings, cookie dough, sea salt, sprinkles, Oreo crumbs, and more. Also on the menu are floats, flurries, and shakes.

Photograph by Paisley Stone

The signature treat is the Bold Face Cone, with soft-serve ice cream, caramel sauce, a chocolate sauce center, chocolate sprinkles, and mini chocolate chips piled on a waffle cone and topped with edible 24-karat gold leaf. It might be the most expensive (and undoubtedly the most bougie) on the menu, but trust us, it’s $12 well spent.

The Bold Face Dairy Bar, 801 Mt. Hope Ave., Suite B, East Price Hill 

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