Style Counsel: Jessica Turkawski’s Ever-Changing Hair Inspires Her Look

This hair stylist draws inspiration from Instagram and is fearless when it comes to her locks.

Occupation: Stylist at Industry Salon
Style: All about her hair

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

You change your hair color once or twice a month. Today it’s platinum.
This is subdued for me.

Well, this one was just because I was going to a wedding, but typically when I’m picking my hair color I look at Instagram at different artists who do hair around the world, and every time I see something I’m just like, I want that on my head. Especially now. I’m just fearless because it’s my career, so I don’t have to hold back.

Were you less fearless before becoming a stylist?
With different careers [I felt] restricted just because the way people talk to you sometimes. Now that I have complete creative freedom, I’ve definitely gotten more in touch with myself to feel more comfortable.

You help your clients feel more comfortable with their hairstyles, too.
What I pride myself in is trying to get to know the person and their personality and [then style based off] that. Basically I just try to match someone’s style or enhance it.

How does your hair color influence your outfit creation?
I’ll definitely have my outfit focused on my hair, which is so fun for me. If I have a blue on my hair, I’m more calm in a way, and if I have a red, I’m more loud in what I wear.

What about accessories?
It’s all about the accessories for me. I mean, hair is an accessory. I like chains, stones, mixed metals—just anything that has power to it.

Did you dye or cut your hair before joining the salon?
People called me Granola. I had long hair and didn’t do anything with it. Then I went to hair school and chopped it all off. I felt like I almost hid behind [my long hair], so now I’m liberated from it.

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