Style Counsel: Jackson Prus

Photograph by Jonathan Willis

For a 7-year-old, Jackson Prus is quite the pop culture connoisseur. We caught up with the budding sartorialist during his after-school snack to discuss a few of his favorite things: neon “highlighter” colors, Katy Perry, and dance parties.

Where’d you get that T-shirt? This is from Target. Do you know who Gwen Stefani is? It’s her Harajuku brand for Target. That’s a Japanese word. Her logo is a hamburger! The words are in the hamburger! She’s just a crazy girl.

What other performers do you like? Katy Perry. She’s candy-fied. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Nicki [Minaj]—they’re making an army of cupcake people.

Candy is sort of your thing. I just love it. I think it’s cute to wear. But I hate eating it. I gave all my Halloween candy to my dad. He ate it all in like one hour.

What was your Halloween costume last year? Lady Gaga. I got the costume at this really good costume store called Halloween City. It’s in the old Circuit City. At Halloween time they named it Halloween City. I wore a short bob wig and this sparkly sequin dress. There was a lighting bolt on my face.

Tell me about your favorite stuff. My favorite animal is a panda. My favorite house style is modern. My favorite website is Nickelodeon.

What are your favorite colors right now? Teal, highlighter pink, highlighter yellow, lime green, orange, highlighter orange, and I like black. Black can be cool.

What would you never wear? I would never wear gray. It’s my least favorite color. I actually hate that color. It’s the worst color ever. I like fun colors, not dark and lazy colors.

Is that a police light in your room? It’s just for disco.

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