Walter Brown

No Holds Barred

Walter Brown has been slinging drinks at the Blind Lemon in Mt. Adams for 41 years. We asked him what he’s learned from all that time behind the bar.

There is a plaque outside the Blind Lemon that lists the celebrities who have visited. Any interesting encounters over the years? Yes. And they’re going to stay with me.

Come on. Tell us one story. I remember being at the Blind Lemon one time when Henry Winkler was acting at the Playhouse, and he got his letter to go take a screen test for a show called Happy Days. He says, “Walter, these people want to fly me to California.” I said, “Go, Henry, go.” That’s the last time I’ve ever seen him.

Has Mt. Adams become more yuppie? That’s not a word I’m ever going to use. It’s a wonderful community. It’s close-knit. It’s got heritage. It’s got a view. It’s eclectic.

How have tastes changed? Craft beers are making the major comeback. When we first started, there was one beer on draft. It was Blatz. Milwaukee’s finest.

Any other tricks of the trade? A good bartender is seen and not heard. Most people want to tell you their problems. They don’t want to hear yours. I can’t solve their problems, and they really don’t want them solved. They just like them to be aired.

The Blind Lemon Café
936 Hatch St., Mt. Adams
(513) 241-3885

Originally published in the June 2012 issue

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