Rest Well, Chef: Remembering Jean-Robert de Cavel

Appreciating the legacy of the prolific Cincinnati chef and restaurateur Jean-Robert de Cavel.

In late December, powerhouse chef and restaurateur Jean-Robert de Cavel passed away, five years after being diagnosed with cancer. Over a nearly 30-year period, de Cavel led a fine dining revolution, first at Maisonette, then in his own restaurants—Jean-Robert’s Table, JeanRo Bistro, Pho Paris, Greenup Café, Lavomatic Café, Le Bar a Boeuf, The French Crust Café & Bistro, Restaurant L—training the next generation of the city’s culinary stars. Through the years, this magazine followed along. His impact on our culinary scene, and the city itself, will continue to be felt wherever chefs and food lovers gather.

See some of our favorite photos of chef Jean-Robert de Cavel through the years in the gallery below.


Learn more about de Cavel’s lasting culinary legacy below: 

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