“Let’s get the balls rolling.”


If we gave out awards here for best creative—or best cat—Scooter would be a serious contender. He’s a cat with a cause, a cat that’s proudly without cojones, a cat with the tag line of “hip spectacles, no testicles.”

Photograph courtesy the Ten Movement

Sponsored by the Joanie Bernard Foundation, the mission of the Ten movement (doing business as Scooter) is “to give cats an extra life by creating a no-kill cat nation,” beginning locally. They cite the huge number of cats put down in kill shelters each year—3,000 in Cincinnati alone, and 3,500 in Indy. Nationwide, it works out to one cat every 20 minutes.

America keeps 73 million house cats (meow!), but another 70 million live on the streets. And 420,000 new cats can come from one average un-spayed female and her offspring in just seven years (meow). The logic is fairly basic: Spaying and neutering lead to fewer unwanted litters, fewer homeless cats, less overcrowding in shelters, fewer cats killed. The approach, however, is definitely novel.

So Scooter’s got game and Ten’s got plenty of real info, like low-cost spay/neuter clinics (plus a free shuttle to get the felines there), local adoption facilities, FAQs—and, um, a live kitty cam. Find Scooter on Twitter @NeuteredScooter and on Facebook, too. Because, frankly, your feeds could benefit from an irreverent cat wearing aviators.

So go forth and spay/neuter all cats.

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