Niçoise salad at Café de Paris

One of the reasons I love ducking into Café de Paris for a textbook-perfect cappuccino or a quick bite at the counter is the quiet, easy ambiance of the place. The staff is always pleasant and upbeat, and there is no specific scene here (read: no over-the-top hipster posturing). It’s just a sunny little café serving up light and healthy breakfasts and lunches with a soupçon of French flair. Case in point, the Niçoise salad, available large or small at $7 or $6, respectively. The portions are spot-on and the vinaigrette is definitely not pre-fab. Seating is very limited, so call ahead for carry-out or time your visit for non-peak hours.

Café de Paris, 17 Garfield Place, downtown, (513) 651-1919



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