Alabama Que


Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

They’ve got the shack vibe down, from window ordering to the cozy but cramped dining room. Their signature turkey tips—of which they sell 2,000 pounds a week—are juicy, flavorful, and far superior to the tender but under-seasoned pulled pork and beef brisket. Owner Dwan Ward’s philosophy is no frills. “You can’t find real barbecue this far north,” says Ward, a former UC football player who grew up in Bellamy, Alabama. “There is no fancy barbecue. It’s just cooking meat over charcoal or wood.” Ward prefers charcoal, and adds whole pecans during the cooking process. His mustard-based gold sauce adds just the right amount of vinegar kick, and the coleslaw and potato salad far outshine their fellow sides. Don’t miss the specialty iced teas, all made with loose tea leaves and real fresh fruit.

2733 Vine St., Corryville, (513) 376-8781,

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