Top 5 Healthy Lunch Spots


Fall has arrived, and hiding under heavy jackets and bulky sweaters may give you an excuse to order pizza once a week. But let’s just collectively step away from the pepperoni and try some of these healthier lunch spots instead:

1. Sleepy Bee Café: Bee Cakes
So pancakes aren’t a typical lunch item. So what? Only a breakfast genius could create this delicious pile and still achieve any measure of healthfulness: Sleepy Bee makes its pillowy, gluten-free flap jacks from scratch and then jazzes them up with fruit, nuts, or chocolate. And they’re so wholesome, you can eat ’em all day long. 3098 Madison Rd., Oakley, (513) 533-2339,

2. Kitchen 452: White Bean Soup & Mixed Greens Salad
If you’re craving a hearty cup of goodness, Kitchen 452’s vegan white bean soup is topped with fancy white truffle oil and chives. To add a little more green to your meal, order the mixed green salad with pears, blue cheese, walnuts, and red wine honey vinaigrette. 2714 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills, (513)

3. Happy Belly: Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich
This healthy lunch spot gave their menu a fall makeover by adding a new lunch staple, the Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich is made with free-range chicken, house honey mustard, lactose-free cheese, lettuce, and two slices of whole wheat Shadeau Bakery bread. Clean up your lunch act even more with the Foundation smoothie, made with spinach, kale, banana, lemon juice, and apple. 1344 Vine St., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 873-8619

4. Essencha: Cold-Smoked Salmon Sandwich
This sandwich somehow feels both healthy and indulgent, and it’s probably because of the buttery smoked salmon, kicky wasabi mayonnaise, creamy avocado, and fresh sesame ciabatta bread. 3212 Madison Rd., Oakley ( 513) 533-4832,

5. Metropole: Burnt Carrot Salad
This is another decadent option masquerading as health food. Well, it is health food, what with the carrots, avocado, toasted pumpkin seeds, and other whole food fixings. But it’s also really delicious. 609 Walnut St., Downtown, (513) 578-6660,

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