Vintage T-shirt brand Velva Sheen Makes a Comeback at Article


Break out your jelly bracelets and Member’s Only jackets, vintage t-shirt brand Velva Sheen is making a comeback. The company, founded in Cincinnati in 1932, is transporting us back to more innocent times with a line of sporty casual wear.

Vintage Velva Sheen

Popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s for souvenir tees boasting everything from Mickey Mouse (remember the iconic shirt with Mickey lounging on a ‘Florida’ sign?) to summer camp logos, the brand was recently purchased by Hide Murase and the Topwin company. Topwin – a Japanese company that also owns workwear brand Fivebrothers and western boot maker Pistolero – is committed to paying homage to the classic pieces by recreating the original tags, packaging, and production style.

Velva Sheen’s unisex, tees, henleys and hoodies are available locally at Article Menswear in Over-the-Rhine. Get yours before shoulder pads threaten to take over your closet – again.

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