Style Counsel: Laurie Wright

Laurie Wright keeps it Funke.
Laurie Wright
Laurie Wright

Photograph by Annette Navarro

Occupation: Artist and pottery painting studio manager, Funke Fired Arts

Her style: Bohemian sprite

You refer to yourself as a painter among potters at Funke Fired Arts. Why? I studied painting and drawing at DAAP so I focus more on the surface than the form. But I prefer to use clay as my canvas these days, be it something flat, like a plate, or a more sculptural piece. I also teach glazing classes and workshops for kids and adults.

The studio has no AC, which makes for a pretty toasty workplace in the hotter months. Yes. I’m also working with a kiln that reaches 2,100 degrees [Fahrenheit], so I might look like I’m dressed to work out or go to the pool. I love to hike and kayak, so I like to wear things that are comfortable and dry quickly.

Amphibious clothes! I love board shorts for that reason. They can easily go from water to land. I’ll also wear boys’ cargo shorts because they’re like a tool belt, without the belt. I’m also a fan of Keen sandals.

Please tell me you have the secret to cleaning Keens. I hand wash them with my life jacket in a big tub of water with a little bit of Crystal White detergent. In the winter I wear my Keen hiking boots with a couple of pairs of socks and leg warmers because the studio is cold.

Has art school left any enduring stamp on your style? In my life drawing class I learned that you see more of the form if there are more lines going across the body. I have a dress from Urban Outfitters that I love for exactly that reason. I’ll always try to make something more casual, like pairing a pretty dress with sneakers. I work with kids a lot and I find they’re more responsive if I’m in bright colors. I’m happy to see that pink and purple have become acceptable again as edgy colors for art students.

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