Style Counsel: Lauren Anthony

Occupation: Owner/Designer, Lavingt; His Style: The new grunge
His Style: The new grunge
His Style: The new grunge

Photograph by Annette Navarro

You’re 25, and you switched from business communications and playing hockey to starting a clothing line. How’d you make that leap? I knew I needed a backup plan if hockey didn’t work out. My parents were always into clothes, and I was too. So I printed up my first shirt with the brand name: The Roaring Four Twenties. I flipped the old logo from the Los Angeles Kings into my own.

Where did the name come from? It’s from an old movie, The Roaring Twenties. I wanted to put a positive spin on the term 4:20. If it wasn’t for my early 20s I wouldn’t be doing this clothing line. I have the time and freedom to do what I want. After that, I turned the name into the Roman numeral—IVXX—on a hat, and that’s when things took off. Now, the brand name is Lavingt—twenty in French, but with my initials added on as the first two letters. The brand name has kind of grown up since I started, as I have too.

Does the hockey background inspire your designs? For sure. A lot of the stuff is jersey inspired and has a collegiate look. I used to skateboard too. I like to keep things simple and monochromatic now. I try to design everything as an expression of myself and pull from hockey, skateboarding, rap music.

Do you always wear your own designs? Yeah, it starts conversations. I sell mostly everything from my Instagram and Tumblr. Everything is word of mouth. I only make five items at a time.

Why? Trendy is the last stage before tacky.

What are you wearing if not your own stuff? It’s always monochromatic tees, denim jackets, and cool shoes. Like my black and red Jordan 1s. I think streetwear is kind of the new grunge.

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