Style Counsel: Hunter Clem Knows How to Mix Eras


Occupation: Creative Director, Photographer, Videographer

Style: Expressive Era-mixing

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

You’re a photographer and you work in the art world. How does that affect your style?

I use that as an advantage. My job is to keep up with visuals or aesthetics that are impacting people. To me, fashion is the endless opportunity of creative expression. Then there is style. Style is what you do with that opportunity. It’s more than just the clothing—it’s how you wear it, your confidence, how you are as a person. When I’m capturing someone, or a moment, style usually comes in more.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Right now, paparazzi shots. There’s something about those that impact me more than a campaign, because it’s usually the people living their life—they are doing something or they are going somewhere. It’s how they’re wearing it, how they’re feeling. It’s that expression. As far as shopping goes, I’m into era-mixing right now.

Do you tend toward items that are reminiscent of an era, vintage, or both? I’ve been buying vintage pieces. There’s something about the fact that it’s the actual item I’m referencing, instead of a reproduction or new take or contemporary whatnot. I’m actually wearing what I was going for. There’s something within that, too, that gives a certain confidence. That’s the style factor.

What are your staples?

I would say black pants, a leather jacket, and sunglasses. I always, always have a pair of sunglasses on me.

How do you approach statement pieces?

You almost have to underwhelm the rest of your outfit, in the best way. If I’m going to wear this really nice jacket, I’m not going to wear crazy shoes. It’s almost like a photo—what’s your focal point? You want to kind of blur everything else out. Give the focal point a platform to stand out.

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