Style Counsel: Duru Armagan


Occupation: Owner, Sloane Boutique
Her Style: High-fashion streetwear

Your shop is on fire. What’s the best business decision you’ve made so far? Being in Over-the-Rhine!

What’s your favorite style trend for women coming in 2014? High-waisted skirts and shorts with cropped tops. And lots of black and white. I’m not as excited about the white, but I’d wear black all day, every day.

Give us one style tip that’s easy and under $30. High-top Converse sneakers! I wear them with jeans, shorts, leather, dresses…everything.

You should do home visits. I do! Some of my favorite customers are the ones I get to visit in their own home. It usually ends up being an all-day eating/drinking/trying-on-clothes event. So fun! I also do private trunk shows.

Let’s talk about your hair. It’s by my super talented friend, Jessie, who owns Parlour salon. I let her do whatever she wants because I know it’ll be amazing.

Besides high fashion streetwear and OTR, what else are you in love with? Our cats—Biggie Smalls, Van Gogh, and Smoke—and my soulmate/ partner-in-crime, Jacob Gerth.

Originally published in the December 2013 issue
Photograph by Annette Navarro

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