Style Counsel: Sarah Dewald


OCCUPATION: Content creator, digital marketer
HER STYLE: Affordable luxe

Photograph by Annette Navarro

You have 38,000 Instagram followers, and counting. Do you consider yourself Internet-famous? I cringe when I hear that. When I first started, I was eternally embarrassed by it. I had to take my own photos, so I would prop my phone up, put it on video, pose, and then screenshot my favorites. Now the landscape of collaboration has changed. I connect with photographers through Instagram.

Why does that term make you uncomfortable? I do worry about the image I’m projecting. I have really bad days too. I want to convey this approachable vibe, especially since there are a lot of young girls following me. There is a beauty in not always pretending that things are awesome—just saying, “Today has not been a good day.” That virtual character that everyone is jealous of doesn’t exist.

Photograph by Annette Navarro

How does “fast fashion” fit into your high-low style mixing? I’m a big fan of the H&Ms and Forever 21s of the world. I like going there for the purpose of pairing with a high-end piece. Mixing the two gives me a thrill and pushes me creatively. Fashion has become this tool for me that evokes authority. When you feel like you look presentable, you can focus on work.

Photograph by Annette Navarro

How has this work helped you evolve? I was really into dancing. I wanted to pick up and move to L.A. and try that world. I used to be “the dance girl” and now I’m “the fashion girl.” It’s OK to hit the reset button. Having an experimental approach—saying “I don’t have to nail it the first time”—helps you zero in on what you enjoy.

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