Next Hot Shopping Street: Woodburn Avenue


In our November 2018 Shop Local issue, we explore greater Cincinnati neighborhoods while you check out dozens of retailers who can fulfill your closet, home, and recreational needs.

Buy for the home and the whole gang (including your four-legged friends) in East Walnut Hills.

Hi-Bred—Home to a friendly Toy Rat Terrier named Scout, this 7-year-old boutique is mostly stocked with vintage clothes and accessories from the 1970s and earlier. There’s a mix of contemporary and handmade clothing, housewares, and art, too. 2807 Woodburn Ave., (513) 240-4664 ,

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

Woodburn Games—Open since June and stocked with games designed for the family, card sharks, strategists, magic lovers, and role-playing enthusiasts, Woodburn Games isn’t your average board game shop. It hosts organized gaming events and lets customers sample games before buying. 2803 Woodburn Ave., (513) 206-8776,

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

Wild Things Antiques—Borrowing themes from Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are, this year-old antique storefront is filled with Mid-Century Modern furniture, ethnographic art, and vintage home decor. There’s even a hidden “Rumpus Room” packed with funky retro oddities. 2809 Woodburn Ave., (513) 301-9604 ,

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

A.D. Culbreath Designs—April Culbreath makes old chairs, couches, and tables new again at her 16-month-old storefront, where she reupholsters and refinishes furniture, makes pyrography art, and sells her mother Jannie’s handmade jewelry. 2813 Woodburn Ave., (513) 376-5100,

Argos—Woodburn Avenue marks the second storefront location for Elisabeth Mayer’s all-natural dog and cat food line. Open since May 2016, the pet food and supplies shop offers free delivery throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky and houses cuddly cats up for adoption. 2801 Woodburn Ave., (513) 221-4451,

Palette Studios—With more than 100 years in business and 43 on Woodburn, Palette Studios specializes in making and repairing custom lighting fixtures, including chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, and lampshades. About 90 percent of the fixtures are handmade at the store. 2501 Woodburn Ave., (513) 961-1316,

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