The Top 12 Scariest Haunted Houses in Cincinnati

A local master of horror shares his list of the most frightening Queen City haunted attractions.

We spoke with the King of Scream Noah Wulkotte—who runs the City Blood: Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana Haunt Reviews website (—for his 12 scariest haunts.

Illustration by Adam Doyle

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The Dent Schoolhouse

5963 Harrison Ave., Dent,

The hands-down scariest of Cincinnati’s haunts, local legend holds this red-brick schoolhouse saw some child murders in the ’50s—and holds residual spirits as proof.

Wulkotte says: “This haunt is full of high-tech animatronics and amazing detail that would make Walt Disney jealous.”

Scary level: True-Life Terror

USS Nightmare

101B Riverboat Row, Newport

Comprising two levels aboard the William S. Mitchell, a dredge boat with real-life death in its wake, USS Nightmare is an immersive, unforgettable haunt.

Wulkotte says: “Prepare to have the ship scared out of you. The rusty old boat is full of creatures beyond the grave and even a clown or two.”

Scary level: Fear Afloat

Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride & Farmer’s Revenge

4172 Belleview Rd., Petersburg, Kentucky

This high-octane haunted hayride incorporates classic horror films to deliver an intense experience in rural northern Kentucky. And Farmer’s Revenge, the on-site haunted barn, keeps the fear going with a spooky funhouse and more.

Wulkotte says: “Sandyland Acres embodies the Halloween spirit. It’s frightfully fun.”

Scary level: Cornfield Carnage

Land of Illusion Haunted Scream Park

8762 Thomas Rd., Middletown

Peaceful Middletown, Ohio, scares up the nation’s biggest haunted experience with—count ’em—five haunted houses (maze clowns! phobia rooms!) and the award-winning Middletown Haunted Trail.

Wulkotte says: “When the sun goes down, you better be on the lookout for unspeakable creatures that will gobble you up.”

Scary level: Monstrous Melee in Middletown

Brimstone Haunt

525 Brimstone Rd., Wilmington

Pick your poison at Wilmington’s Brimstone Haunt. Take a hellish hayride through Brimstone Farm, experience foggy fear in the Forgotten Forest, get crazy with Psychosis, or (and?) evade the undead in Zombie Assault.

Wulkotte says: “Things go bump in the night at Brimstone Haunt—one of the area’s best haunted attractions.”

Scary level: From Scared Smiles to Really Vile

Wilmington Haunted Hollow Ride

1261 W. Dalton Rd., Wilmington

Take a ride in the maliciously modified school bus for a one-of-a-kind experience full of flaming semis, chainsaw maniacs, zombies, and other depraved, hellish scenes you have to see to believe.

Wulkotte says: “It’s fun, scary, and memorable to say the least.”

Scary level: Seriously Scarring

All Hallow’s Eve Terror Town

1449 Greenbush Cobb Rd., Williamsburg

Terror Town puts the “ghost” in ghost town, and the town’s trail is a grimly immersive scare. Wear a red band to catch buckets of blood or go gold for touch-free terror.

Wulkotte says: “This is an intense haunt beyond words and one you surely won’t forget this fall season.”

Scary level: Probably Traumatizing

Twisted Trails

5719 W. St. Rt 73, Wilmington

With witches, werewolves, and ghosts on the loose, Twisted Trails isn’t afraid to go old school with their scares.

Wulkotte says: “Twisted Trails features traditional characters and an array of scare scenes that are sure to put a chill down your spine.”

Scary level: Chilling & Thrilling

Kings Island Halloween Haunt

6300 Kings Island Dr., Kings Mills

Kings Island takes a spooky twist every Halloween with foggy paths, costumed performers, and frightfully fun stage shows and mazes.

Wulkotte says: “You never know what’s hiding in the darkness. Halloween Haunt offers a plethora of haunts that will appeal to a broad audience.”

Scary level: Frightful Family Fun

Horror Hike

28051 Moore Ln., West Harrison, Indiana

This half-mile nature hike is anything but peaceful, with psychopathic characters, murder scenes, and gore aplenty, all set amongst a wooded environment. Complete with a camp storyline and tons of actor-based scares.

Wulkotte says: “Horror Hike will play on your fear of the unknown.”

Scary level: Nature Nightmare

Nightmare Manor

1601 S. University Blvd., Ste. A, Middletown

With themed rooms, recognizable characters, and unpredictable frights, this old school haunt is sure to invade your dreams.

Wulkotte says: “Your true nightmare begins as you come face to face with your deepest and darkest fears. Movie monsters, crazy creatures, and intense scenes of mayhem await you.”

Scary level: Tried-and-True Thrills

Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall

7700 Seward Ave., Mt. Healthy,

Opening for its 32nd Halloween, this one is Cincinnati’s longest-running haunt, with a new “Voyage of Fear” 2022 theme and the legendary dark maze.

Wulkotte says: “This classic horror house has scares around every corner. Scream your head off at Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall.”

Scary level: Classically Creepy

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