These Seven Halloween Home Decorators Are On Another Level

Some homeowners in the Greater Cincinnati area take spooky season to the extreme—and we’re here for it.

Some of our neighbors are really into Halloween. If you’re lucky, they’ll let you join in on the fun.

Photograph courtesy of Bobby Metzner

Bobby Metzner’s The Metzner Manor (Green Township)

Come for the trick, stay for the treat. Metzner’s family-friendly haunt is a 26-year family tradition that features a mausoleum, a giant witch’s house, life-size werewolves, a 10-foot-tall moving pumpkin, and many more professional grade animatronics and pneumatic creatures, with boxes of candy and full-size kettle corn bags awaiting guests.

Photograph courtesy of Bobby Metzner

Photograph courtesy of Rene Micheo

René Micheo’s Haight Street

If you’re in Northside on Halloween, Haight Street is the place to be. Rain or shine, you’ll find live dance shows, singing pumpkins and giant dragons at Micheo’s, and plenty of candy all the way up and down the street at this yearly neighborhood celebration of all things spooky.



Photograph courtesy of Dave Rapien

Dave Rapien’s Sandric Cemetery (Liberty Township)

This yard haunt is a handmade labor of love with some moderate internet fame, due to nearly every element being crafted from scratch by Rapien himself. Look out for the 7-foot-tall zombie programmed to sway toward you—lovingly named “Sway-Z” after the Brooklyn rapper.

Photograph Courtesy of Dave Rapien

Photograph courtesy of Greg Thorpe

Greg Thorpe’s Privet Manor (Fairfield Township)

Photograph courtesy of Greg Thorpe

Walking through this graveyard-themed yard haunt might have you humming some classic horror scores as replica figures of seasonal icons like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees are surrounded by oddities like a life-size skeleton horse and an array of spooky creatures climbing up the sides of the house.

Gabby Leithsceal (Loveland)

What started off as an expression of creative freedom from the prop fabricator and assistant prop master (respectively) of horror hits like Wrong Turn and The Strangers: Prey at Night became a yearly holiday tradition for this former contestant on SyFy’s Face Off. Hollywood-quality lighting and fog alongside dozens of creatures make Leithsceal’s yard fright a scary delight.

Photograph courtesy of Bud Stross

Bud Stross’s The Nightmare on Newport Island (Newport)

You know the co-owner of The Dent Schoolhouse would have something wholly unique up his sleeve. Hundreds of lights adorn Stross’s house from top to bottom—there are even LEDs installed in the soffits!—accompanied by giant speakers and mannequins of famous horror characters to create a Halloween jam session with all your favorite hits.

Photograph courtesy of Joanna Rose and Eric James Danowski

Joanna Rose & Eric James Danowski’s The Haunting on Pinebluff Lane (Anderson Township)

A yard haunt so big it has its own merch, this love letter to horror starts gradually setting up on September 1 before finishing on Halloween with live actors. Hundreds of props, animatronics, and lights make this one a chilling haunt you can geek out on for the entire season.

Photograph courtesy of Joanna Rose and Eric James Danowski

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