Odetta von Kasek Pays Homage To ’90s Goth Style

The New Riff rack and sample specialist says you’re never too old to wear what you want to wear.

Photograph by Jeremy Kramer

OCCUPATION: Single barrel rack and sample specialist at New Riff Distilling

STYLE: ’90s goth chick

What is it about ’90s fashion that you like so much?

The early to mid ’90s [were] very much my formative years. I didn’t dress really goth in middle school or high school, [but] internally I always felt it. I was always into horror, even as a kid. My mom’s a huge Stephen King fan, so when the new Stephen King adaptation was coming out, I was watching that when I was probably way too young. Growing up with Empire Records, The Craft—I love the whole vibe, and now that I’m an adult and ’90s stuff is kind of coming back, I’ll wear all the things that I was either too young to wear or didn’t have the money to wear. Now I can look more on the outside like I have always felt on the inside.

We have to talk about your tattoos, especially that Ouija board across your chest.

I’ve had this since 2014. No spirit activity, kind of unfortunately. I thought if anything would bring some supernatural activity in my life it’d be Ouija board. [It started one night] as a temporary tattoo, and all my people were like, That looks so amazing. You should get that for real.” By the end of the night, I’m thinking, Maybe I should get this for real? About a year and a half later, my tattoo artist—she had taken some time off—is like, Hey, I’m back. I’m looking to do some interesting stuff. And I’m like, Well, I have this idea. It’s definitely one of the things people notice the most or remember about me.

How many tattoos do you have?

I think, total, I’m up to 18.

Your eye makeup is incredible. Are you self-taught? Or have you taken classes?

During the pandemic, I started watching [professional makeup artist] Robert Welsh on YouTube and decided this is the perfect time. I still do the wing eyeliner look a lot. I got very good at that. I’ll use gel over liquid any day of the week, to the point where I’ve had people be like, Can you give me some pointers? Just practice. Be very patient with yourself.

What’s your fashion philosophy?

Fashion is for everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter what size you are. You’re never too old to wear the thing you want to wear. Most people tell me, You don’t look 40. Part of that is good skincare routine—always wear sunscreen—but even if I did look 40, I would probably still be dressing this way because, no, I’m not too old for that. I’m not too old to shop there. The only thing you should stop wearing when you turn 40 is the weight of other people’s opinions.

That’s not an opinion you heard a lot in the ’90s.

Oh, no. Looking back to how my parents looked when they turned 40, it’s like, oh, they’re adults. Yes, I’m an adult, but yes, I’m still going to go shop at Hot Topic because they have cute stuff that I like.

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