Nuxhall Way Podcast: Behind the Scenes of the Pete Rose Interview

Fear not: we don’t really talk about how bad the Reds are this season. That’s no fun. Instead, we have a spelling bee! This is of course in honor of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, which concludes today. (Shoutout to all you nerds/college kids that get creative with their spelling bee drinking games.) But before that, we go more in-depth on Pete Rose. Yes, it’s a topic that’s been discussed before. Hell, we even talked about it at our live podcast earlier this week (listen to it here if you don’t believe us). It’s a topic that hovers over Cincinnati and seeps into the brain of residents over time. The man is stitched into the fabric of the city. We could add the perfunctory addendum “for better or for worse” there. But it’s pointless. He just is, and that’s not likely to change any time soon. In this episode of the Nuxhall Way Podcast, we discussed things we learned when planning the June package about Rose that were surprising in a number of different ways, and then went behind-the-scenes on the interview with him that yielded some insight into how Pete’s mind works.

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