Got Grammar?

Cincinnati Reds fans do! Kind of!

It’s common knowledge that Cincinnati’s favorite baseball team hasn’t been doing too well this season, with only 42 wins in the last 93 games (as of July 23). The Reds’ fan base, however, is slightly ahead of the curve, grammar-wise.

According to an informal study conducted by Grammarly, an online proofreading tool, and the Wall Street Journal, Cincinnati Reds fans make an average of 5.8 errors per 100 words in online comments. This puts our fans in 8th place out of the 30 teams that make up the American League and the National League.

But how on earth do you measure grammatical accuracy in user-generated comments?

Michael Mager, an online marketing analyst at Grammarly, says that the site took five comments from 30 articles found on teams’ official MLB websites from May 1-15, which averaged out to about 10,592 words per team. These comments were then analyzed by the online resource and double-checked by human proofreaders for punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors. Grammarly then took the aggregate number of mistakes made in the comments and divided that number by the aggregate number of words written in the collected comments to come up with the rankings.

The Cleveland Indians hit a grand slam in this analysis, with only 3.6 errors per 100 words, while the New York Mets struck out and came in last with 13.9 errors per 100 words. The National League teams stole home, averaging 7.8 errors per 100 words in contrast to the American League’s 8.3.

Though this study was concocted for entertainment purposes, at least it let the Reds beat the Cardinals at something this season.

MLB Grammar Rankings by Grammarly's Grammar Checker
Infographic provided by Grammarly.

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