Molly Wellmann on Life With Three Cats


After crafting cocktails at her Over-the-Rhine bar Japp’s, mixologist and Wellmann’s Brands Owner Molly Wellmann enjoys cuddling with her three cats. For our May 2020 Pets package, we talked with Wellmann about her furry felines’ unique personalities.

Molly Wellmann with her cat Tuna.

Photograph by Brian Steege

Tell me about your cats.

We have three cats. Their names are Charles H. Baker, after the American author known for writing about cocktais; Tuna, because any time I wanted Charlie to come I would just yell Tuna and he would come, so I thought I could get them both to come if I named her Tuna. The funny thing is that Tuna is stubborn as hell and won’t come when I call her name. We also have Jimmy. He is [my husband Tim Gundrum] Bee’s cat. Jimmy freakin’ loves Bee more then anything on earth. He just follows Bee around everywhere he goes. He freaks out if he can’t get into the bathroom with him. It’s really funny. He acts really tough but is also the biggest scaredy-cat!

What do your cats enjoy doing most?

Their favorite thing in the world is watching birds and squirrels and any other creature that wanders into the back yard. They also love canned tuna.

What do you love most about your cats?

They all love to cuddle—only when it’s on their terms, of course. I love when they all pile into bed with us.

Do you have a funny “pet parent” story?

Charlie used to escape, and he would bring garden snakes in to our house—sometimes they were still alive. We ended up buying a pick-up device so we could pick the snakes up and get them out of the house.

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