UC Legal Professor Brings Passion for Protecting Children to Foster Care


Name: Emma Fletcher
Foster kids: 1-year-old and 2.5-year-old girls (names withheld)
Extracurricular claim to fame: University of Cincinnati legal professor and bass guitarist

Photograph courtesy Dustin Sparks

The call to foster: I was a guardian ad litem when I was a practicing attorney, so I just got really passionate about that demographic. My husband and I both felt called to become foster parents. It’s a tough time for both the kids’ parents and the kids, so we’re able to show them they’re safe and loved and supported.

Perfect day around town: Going to Summit Park during the day and then to the Root Beer Stand at night to get hot dogs and root beer floats and eating outside.

Active family hobby: My husband and I started doing taekwondo at Ahn Taekwondo. They have a Little Bears program, so we’ve gotten our daughter involved in that and it’s been a fun thing to experience as a family. She gets to wear a little uniform, which is the cutest.

Team effort: This may sound cheesy, but my husband is such an incredible teammate. He knows that I am super passionate about my job and being involved in my community, and when I’m doing those things it makes me a better mom, so he supports me completely in them, which is truly such a gift.

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