How a Class of Local Third Graders Would Change the World

Photograph courtesy Aaron M. Conway

The students in Mrs. Unger’s third grade class at Madeira Elementary School are ready to make the world a better place. Recycling. Feeding the homeless. Planting trees. And the simplest, best way? Being kind. These kids certainly have the right idea.

“Making more lemonade stands and donating the money to hospitals and children’s homes. People would be well and it would help the children.” —NORAH K.

“Donating money to hospitals. The doctors can buy equipment to help people.” —OLIVIA N.

“Saying hello and smiling at people when they walk up to you. It would make people be happy every day.” —Harper D.

“Picking up trash and recycling. Picking up trash and recycling would be kind to the Earth.” —TESSA B.

“I would plant flowers and trees. Trees help us breathe. The flowers would make the world colorful.” —NORA F.

“To change the world all you have to do is be kind. If you’re kind to someone, they will most likely pass it on, and soon everyone will be happy.” —ADELYNE C.

“Using solar panels and electric cars and trying to stop war. There would be less global warming and, if war stopped, not as many people would die in the world.” —MARCOS W.

“Donating food, water, and money to the homeless. They would have a home in the cold winter.” —GEORGE C.

“Planting new trees where people cut trees down. It would make more wood for people and more and more homes for animals.” —SAM W.

“Putting in solar panels. It creates less greenhouse gasses and will stop the world from heating up and I like the seasons like they are!” —WYATT H.

“If something looks old, try your best to make it look new. It would give the world a new coat of paint.” —WYATT S.

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