Founder of Cincy Dads Group Is Proud to Be a Stay-at-home Dad

Name: Brock Lusch
Kids: Hezekiah (5), Ruby (3)
Extracurricular claim to fame: Founder of Cincy Dads Group

Photograph courtesy Dustin Sparks

The skinny on “staying home”: I told my wife from day one that my goal was to be a stay-at-home dad. That was 13 years ago. I’ve been staying home since April 2017. Some guys just don’t quite get it. But the truth is she’s better in the office and I’m better at home.

Out and about: Our biggest go-to is Dogwood Park; I love the shaded and fenced-in playground. Another place we like is Turner Farm. When it’s nasty out, we like to go to Crossroads Church for their indoor playhouse with the big slide. I love the free WiFi and free drinks.

The dad connection: Isolation is a big challenge, so I started Cincy Dads Group and it’s growing like wildfire. I started it as a closed Facebook group because I wanted to create a place where guys could have a conversation about the crazy things happening with their kids. We also have a meetup page where they can get e-mails about events.

Podcast passion project: On my podcast, NOMADad, I interview dads all around the world about their fatherhood journey— what it was like growing up, what their dads taught them, what they’re teaching their kids. Each dad has a unique story to tell.

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