How to be a Candlestick Maker

Manitou Candle Co. founder Kate Fey shines a light on candle making.

Making wedding favors is usually a cause for a bride’s stress, but Manitou Candle Co.’s Kate Fey decided to make the candles she had created for her wedding guests into a business. “I loved it so much I just kept making them,” she laughs.

Now those candles have a home in Manitou’s bright and airy shop, located in a former bank on Eastern Avenue. The boutique is filled with a selection of scented candles—100 distinct scents to be exact—from traditional rose to boozy mint mojito. The shop carries Manitou’s own line as well as candles from Re-Wined and Lulie Wallace. You’ll also find gifts and accessories, such as Huxtable Design Co. jewelry and Artfully Disheveled ties and pocket squares.

But the magic of Manitou is the chance to play do-it-yourself scent designer at one of its weekly candle-making classes, where wax lovers can relive their Chemistry 101 days in the spacious backroom workshop. Participants are guided through the process of preparing and pouring soy candles, aided by an expert candlemaker and an official-looking tin tray kitted with science-class standards such as measuring beakers, a clipboard, and enough materials to make two 11-ounce candles. Pro tip: Stick to three or fewer scents to avoid that “muddy” smell.

4015 Eastern Ave., Columbia-Tusculum, (513) 429-5254,

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