Post-workout, Step into a Skube


Let the record show—again—that leggings are not pants. I repeat, they are not pants. They’re more like tights, which means you need to cover your bum when wearing them outside of a fitness environment. But what to do when you need to swing by the grocery store/Target/kid’s school after finishing your workout? Is there a way to stay on schedule while maintaining reasonably fashionable façade?

Westwood-based nurse-turned-entrepreneur Monica Kohler faced the same questions and decided to make her own solution: skube, a stretchy, multi-panel tube that can be worn as a skirt or top. It seemed like such a clever solution that I asked Kohler a bit more about her inspiration and where people can get a skube for themselves.

How did skube get started?

My company,, started like most great start-ups, from a personal need. After workouts—whether running, rowing, kayaking, yoga—I wanted something I could put over my spandex or leggings and go to brunch, swing by the grocery or pick the kids up from school, something more stylish than a plain grey A-line cotton skirt. After about a year of looking and not finding anything that was fun, I realized there was an opportunity to fill this need. I made one prototype, started wearing it and got a lot of interest very quickly. One night I wore it out styled with flats, a nice top and a bit of jewelry and received even more interest. That’s when I felt I was on to something really fun, funky and stylish that was truly multipurpose.

They’re definitely fun to wear! How are they produced?

I source my fabric from Philadelphia to get the best and hippest selections for my customers and then I return home to mix, match, cut and sew! I love creating with my customers in mind.

What’s your favorite way to wear one?

That’s a toughie! They are now being worn as skirts at work, beach cover-ups, and my customers have shown that they make really beautiful tops. More recently we’ve discovered they also make beautiful scarves, really dressing up an outfit (again, this discovery came from a customer—thank you!). Currently I love wearing my skubes with a turtleneck, great leggings and boots.

With all those options, what’s next for skube?

I am seeking additional retail opportunities, hope to have a children’s line (skube jr.), and am creating a website which will allow women to “build” their own skube and order it online. I am also looking to expand to other cities.

Find skube at House of Run and Tri, Metallic Giraffe, Cincinnati Sports Club and at the Home and Garden Show February 27-March 6. Visit for more information.

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