Try This: Kona Bistro’s BBT


Next time you’re in Oxford (Hockey, anyone?), make your way to Kona Bistro to try the BBT—that is, bacon, basil, and tomato. You wouldn’t think a simple basil-for-lettuce swap would make such a difference, but it really does.

BBT at Oxford’s Kona Bistro

Where lettuce is kind of earthy and bitter, basil is bright and fragrant. Paired with maple bacon and tomato—plus cheddar cheese and black pepper mayonnaise on grilled white bread—it’s all rich, savory, and awesomely piquant.

The virtuous among you will get the optional green apple slices on the side. But the kettle chips are of the sweet onion variety, so you know what to do.

Back when Kona had an Oakley location, you could get this perfect sandwich on any old weeknight. Now you’ll have to trek to Miami University. But with the leaves turning and all that collegiate spirit brewing, we can’t think of a better time for a road trip.

Kona Bistro, 31 West High St., Oxford, (513) 523-0686,

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