Try This: Blue Oven Bakery’s Coconut Croissant


You know Blue Oven Bakery. You love Blue Oven Bakery. But have you torn yourself away from the English muffins and Bad Boy loaves long enough to try the croissants? If the answer is no, we extend our sympathy. But suggest you correct that, like, stat.

Blue Oven Bakery coconut croissant

In case it’s not obvious from the hand-to-pasty ratio in the above photo, this beauty is a beast. It’s flaky, moist, chewy, and crisp in all the right places—the result of being twice-baked in their wood-fired oven, then sliced and slathered with a nutty-sweet, house-made coconut cream. It might take you two days to finish, but we promise you won’t be mad about it. Not even a little bit. Not even at all.Blue Oven Bakery coconut croissant$4, Blue Oven Bakery, locations vary, but try Findlay Market (weekends) and Jungle Jim’s Eastgate year-round.

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