Try This: Che’s Korean BBQ Empanada


Photograph by Emma Jenkins

The rustic, upbeat atmosphere of this OTR eatery is a welcoming place for happy-hour goers, dinner parties, and anyone craving traditional empanadas. Che’s menu offers a range of empanadas cooked the Argentinian way—baked or fried. Each style has its own place on the menu, including fillings like crab rangoon, jerk chicken, mushroom feta, and even oreo nutellla.

Although any meat, veggie, or dessert stuffed pastry on Che’s menu is satisfying, one baked empanada is a standout: the Korean BBQ. The crisp, flaky crust is packed with rich braised pork and finely diced jalapenos. Each bite has a sweet, smoky flavor with a bit of heat. For dipping, the empanada pairs with a spicy chimichurri, a traditional Argentinian condiment of earthy parsley and sharp garlic.

If you’re going for a sampling of empanadas, we recommend pairing the Korean BBQ with the fried jerk chicken, another lightly spiced option. And if you need some vegetables to offset your so-far carnivorous meal, the char-grilled corn is a great side option.

Che, 1342 Walnut St, (513) 345-8838,

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