Try This: The Coffee Cake at The Coffee Exchange


Every Saturday morning I walk to Coffee Exchange in Pleasant Ridge to pick up coffee, which is great, and coffee cake, which is the greatest. I’m hesitant to divulge my little slice of weekend bliss, though sharing such deliciousness is the least I can do.
Sarah Peters knew little about roasting when she opened the shop in 2013, but was always baking at home, including the now-neighborhood-favorite coffee cake. The topping is a standard crumble—brown sugar, flour, cinnamon—but the base uses an egg-white meringue instead of sour cream. “It does have a lot of butter in it, as all good coffee cakes do,” says Peters, “so the egg whites sort of balance out the heaviness of everything else.” Incredibly, each square is only $1. Just make sure you save one for me. It’s the least you could do.

The Coffee Exchange of Pleasant Ridge, 6105 Montgomery Rd., Pleasant Ridge, (513) 376-7315, 

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