Q&A with Chrissy Antenucci, Creator of The Wheel Oakley


Illustration by Chris Danger

From New York to San Francisco, Chrissy Antenucci has worked in some major big city restaurants. Her favorite, though, is The Wheel Oakley, a pop up dinner spot now offering carryout.

How did you get into cooking? I started cooking in restaurants throughout college; I went to UK for psychology. I got the bug and realized that I loved the energy of working in the line.

What is The Wheel? The original vision was a full-blown restaurant, but per zoning we weren’t able to do [that]. So we decided to open a carryout. While the carryout was under construction we decided to do the pop up dinners. I really enjoy the dinners, and I found that people like that it’s not a restaurant.

How do people find out about the dinners? Dinners are an e-mail invitation; [sign up] at thewheeloakley.com and we send out a blast with dates. We then take the first 20 or so reservations.

What does the carryout offer? Mainly sandwiches. We make all of our own bread, and we do sandwiches on focaccia as well as a thick crust pizza. We are also gearing up our carryout entrées, and it will be mostly pasta options.

Tell us about your location. It’s in a residential neighborhood and I like it kind of being a diamond in the rough, that if you’re not looking for it, you almost miss it.

The Wheel, 

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