Try This: Abby Girl’s Cupcake Shake


When Nathan and Andrea Thompson opened their Eastgate Abby Girl Sweets location, they planned on adding shakes to a menu of coffee, cheesecakes, and their signature cupcakes. “Just regular shakes,” Nathan says. It didn’t take long before he was blending cupcakes into a housemade ice cream base to create cupcake shakes, but it did take a lot of experimenting—and a special blender—to get it right.

Photograph by Robert Joseph

Thompson offers two more pro tips: first, save the cupcake top, and its buttercream icing, for last. “Mashing it into the shake hardens the butter.” And second, try a shake made with one of their cheesecakes. “You get all three layers, from the crust to the creamy middle to the topping.” Don’t mind if we do.

Abby Girl Sweets, 4450 Eastgate South Dr. Suite 253, Eastgate. (513) 335-0898,

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