There’s a Cincinnati Chocolate Festival

It’s all your favorite hometown chocolate gurus in one place: Chocolats Latour, Aglamesis Brothers, and Cupcake Crazy, for starters,  plus plenty of newcomers, like Maverick, Cincinnati’s first bean-to-bar chocolate company. But it’s more than just confectionery overload. There are contests with celebrity chef judges—Paul and Pam Sturkey return again this year—for things like “Best Frozen Delight,” “Best Artisan Recipe,” and of course, “Best in Show.” (Past winners: Cupcake Crazy’s Chocolate Cheesecake Cookie Monster Cupcake and Chocolate Pizza Company’s Peanut Butter Wings.) Plus there will be cooking demonstrations from the best. This year, Belterra Park’s executive pastry chef Todd Owen and Haute Chocolate chocolatier Lisa Cooper Holmes are on the roster, along with Nathan Sivitz and Patrick Moloughney of OTR’s soon-to-open Macaron Bar. Yep, you read right. OTR may have jumped the shark in some very specific ways, but at least they’ve done it deliciously. Oct 19,

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