Q&A with The Farmstand Market and Café’s Tricia Houston


Illustration by Chris Danger

After selling a portion of her Gallatin County farm, Tricia Houston followed her passion for supporting local farmers and food, opening The Farmstand Market and Café in Union in July.

What exactly is the Farmstand Market and Café? We are a café and we source locally, [but] we also offer events including a few canning and cooking classes and a bourbon and butchering class. We also have the retail market. The burger that you had in the café, that ground grass-fed chuck, you can go buy a few pounds to take home.

Why did you choose Old Union? It’s a bit off the beaten path, but not so far that people aren’t going to come. It still has the feeling of a farm.

Tell me a little about your menu. Our base menu is a hearty lunch menu that we serve all day long. We don’t have a fryer, so no french fries. Instead, we serve a farm egg red potato salad, a cherry horseradish slaw, a bacon ranch pasta salad, and kettle chips, so you have all of those choices. Our burgers are by far one of our most popular items. We do a bacon burger, a grass-fed burger, a chuck burger, and a chorizo burger.

In five or 10 years what do you want Farmstand Market and Café to be? Exactly what it is right now. I don’t have a greater or grander vision than this right here. We want to continue to offer quality food, make sure it’s delicious and something that people want to come back and eat more of.

The Farmstand Market and Café, 9914 Old Union Rd., Union, KY, (859) 817-1134, thefarmstandmarket.com

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