Tablespoon Cooking Co.’s Jordan Hamons Creates Cooking Classes That Are Informative and Fun

The owner of Tablespoon Cooking Co., Jordan Hamons, hopes to pass her passion for food on to others with cooking classes that are as fun as they are informative.

Illustration by Chris Danger

What is your goal with Tablespoon Cooking Co.?

Our goal is to encourage people to cook at home. That’s our overall mission: to learn more about food, learn more about cooking, and have a better appreciation for food.

What made you feel like there was a local need for something like Tablespoon?

I taught at some of the other cooking schools, and it was a different experience than what I wanted to provide. I really wanted classes that were hands-on, because I feel like that’s the only way you can learn how to cook. Someone can tell you what a perfect sear on a steak looks like, but until you do it and you put the piece of meat on that pan with the oil, it’s really hard to actually know.

What sets Tablespoon apart?

We’re young, fun, and we like to really encourage people to come who want to get their hands dirty and have a great evening [tasting] wine and beer and really good food. We are open to cooks of all skill levels. We’re able to take our industry knowledge and teach in a way that’s laid-back and fun but still really useful. We try to make it so that it’s a fun evening and not boring or stressful or uptight or anything like that. As long as you like food and having fun, you’ll have a good time.

Tablespoon Cooking Co.,

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