Summer 2015 Farmers’ Market Guide: Vendors

They may not be farmers, but these vendors are market forces unto themselves.
Zinncinnati Florist
Zinncinnati Florist

Photograph by Anna Jones / OMS

Zinncinnati Florist
Northside-based Zinncinnati employs a gaggle of local artists to elevate the floral arrangement game. Justin Pirnie and Jim Crowther sell bouquets, succulents, bonsai, and flowers you’ve never heard of, all exquisitely arranged in just the right pot. Findlay Market,

Cincy Sharp
Drop off your cutlery, or whatever else needs a finer edge, and with his ancient Japanese water stone technique, Chris Weist will do the rest. Now you can be the sharpest tool in the shed. Hyde Park Market,

Chocolats Latour
Shalini Latour makes her chocolates using fair trade cocoa and locally sourced ingredients whenever she can. Small yet precise, her chocolates are practically artworks, some looking like a bauble you’d find on the beach, others like hand-painted toys. Northside Market, Findlay Market,

Nature’s Gifts
Jane Staubitz makes four-ounce bars of soap that are conversation pieces, using herbs reputed to have soothing and healing qualities. Look to her for salves, oils, and potted herbs as well. Findlay Market,

Bee Haven
Samantha and Scott Gordon’s family bees-ness uses urban hives from Cincinnati and rusticated ones from Clermont County to produce honey, candles, balms, and more. They bring queens to the Queen City. Findlay Market,

The Pickled Pig
A recent article in the journal Psychiatry Research suggested fermented foods could lower social anxiety for many… making the ever-changing assortment of garlic beets, dill sauerkraut, and blessed kimchee created by Gary Leybman and Libby Power-Leybman way cheaper than a shrink. Anderson, Northside, and Madeira Markets,

Wedge Pies
Adrienne Found is a little unhinged about pies, constantly revising her list of handmade, hand-sized pies week-to-week, according to season and personal whim. Everything from pear and cherry to “Strawberry Basil Nectarine” and “Figgy Apple Crisp.” Hyde Park Market,

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