Try This: Left Bank Coffeehouse

Coffee, books, and baked goods in Covington’s Licking Riverside historic district.

Seeking the author-and-artist-infused sense of bohemian creativity of Paris’s Left Bank, but a trip to the Seine a bit outside the purview of your weekend plans? Try the one in Covington instead.


Photo: Staff

The Left Bank Coffeehouse, which opened in May 2013 on the left banks of the Ohio and Licking rivers, has a full coffee and espresso menu, a nice selection of tea, an even nicer selection of local baked goods, and a quirky-cozy interior in which to enjoy them. Ease into the winter weather with a Covington Tea—Earl Grey with steamed milk and vanilla syrup.


Photo: Staff

And don’t miss the shelf of used books for sale: $1 per book, people. On a recent trip, it boasted a nice mix of contemporary and classic fiction and non-fiction—a selection from which one does not part empty-handed. The Rive Gauche, it’s not. But a great stop, it most definitely is.

Seventh and Greenup Streets, Covington, (859) 431-4655,

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