Every Veggie Burger Should Taste Like This


On a menu known for its burgers, one sets itself apart from the rest. The Krueger’s Veggie Burger isn’t your average meat substitute. In fact, we’d go so far to say that this menu item should be the first option for every customer—meat lovers included.

Photograph by Emma Jenkins

Photograph by Emma Jenkins

If you’re a veggie burger regular, you’re probably used to bean- or grain-based patties that crumble as soon as you pick them up. This one, however, is made with red and gold beets bound together with an egg white wash.

The patty is cooked crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, layered with house-made pickles, mixed greens, and provolone inside a challah bun. The pesto mayo is subtle but rich enough to cut through the layers, adding moisture and a hint of basil to each bite. The burger pairs well with Krueger’s roasted asparagus or french fries—depending on how healthy you’re feeling.

Photograph by Emma Jenkins

Krueger’s Tavern, 1211 Vine Street, (513) 834-8670



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