From The Editors: Our Favorite ’Dogs About Town


For our July 2017 issue, we celebrate The Golden Age of Hot Dogs.

Street Dog Carts
My wife calls them “dirty water hot dogs.” And yes, they float, pre-cooked, in water until you order. But crisped up on that tiny grill, a hot mett with spicy mustard and fresh-diced onions is king of the streets. —Jay Stowe

Skyline Cheese Coney
Proof that culinary masterpieces come in all shapes, sizes, and smells. The umami of the chili—yeah, I said it—mixed with that mound of cheese and a dash of hot sauce turns an ordinary hot dog into city-defining sustenance. —Justin Williams

Costco Hot Dogs
After surviving the ultimate suburban shopping gauntlet (Bulk diapers! Dog food by the pallet!), reward yourself with a jumbo all-beef hot dog with mustard and relish (and beverage!) for only $1.50. Nitrates never tasted better. —Joanne Drilling

U-Lucky Dawg Veggie Hot Dog
In a town that in most other ways has shaken off its limited-options past, a guy could starve for want of a veggie dog. Thank the Sausage Gods for U-Lucky Dawg, a food truck featuring an A-level, moist, spicy meal for non-carnivores. Cincinnati, please: let the dogs out! —RJ Smith

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