Downtown Living Now: Breakfast


The true test of a walkable, livable place: Can I get breakfast without having to trek that much farther than my own kitchen? Five times yes.

1. Maplewood Kitchen and Bar
You know that late-’90s song “Everything You Want”? That’s how we feel about Maplewood. Locally roasted coffee. Fresh pressed juice. Toast with strawberries, beets, and basil. Steak and eggs with chimichurri. Just…go already. 525 Race St., (513) 421-2100,

2. Café DeVine
When it comes to diners, this one is tops. Hit it before work for French toast (Sixteen Bricks bread!), a massive breakfast hash d.b.a. “Potato Crisp,” or a build-your-own breakfast sandwich. Just keep those coffee refills flowing. 41 E. Fourth St., (513) 241-4448,

3. Sleepy Bee Café
Thou shalt no longer wait two hours in Oakley to chomp some Bee Cakes. Plus, now there are killer brunchy booze options (they call ’em “stingers”) and menu items particular to the location, like the CBeeD Bowl. 8 E. Fourth St., (513) 381-2339,

4. Cheapside Café
All you really need to know is the breakfast sandwiches feature 1) bacon and pimento cheese, 2) chorizo and green chile, or 3) smoked salmon and pickled red onion. Plus top-notch espresso drinks, all held to the highest standard of hip. 326 E. Eighth St., (513) 345-6618,

5. Wild Eggs
Yes it’s a chain, but a regional one. We’re here for the stuffed French toast, housemade biscuits, and chilaquiles. And the chain’s choice to locate in the CBD says something about what downtown’s got going on. 301 E. Fourth St., (513) 655-6707,

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