Cookie Craze at Cate’s Cookie Kitchen


Cate Busse takes cookies to the next level. Her Funfetti flavor—packed with white chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, and bits of frosted animal crackers—is simultaneously dense and melt-in-your-mouth soft. It’s also a top seller at Cate’s Cookie Kitchen, an online cookie-delivery service Busse launched in June 2016 as a UC student. Now a full-time graphic designer who recently relocated to Boise, Idaho, she bakes on the side to fulfill orders using her artistic skills to perfect her delicious desserts.

Funfetti Cookies

Photograph courtesy Cate's Cookie Kitchen

“All my cookies have at least three mix-ins,” says Busse. “So that when you have one, you know it’s a Cate’s cookie because of the texture and chunkiness.” Busse offers 12 year-round flavors, with rotating seasonal varieties. This summer it’s strawberries and cream—made with real strawberries, white chocolate chips, and homemade strawberry icing. You can snag the sweet treats off her site or at Streetside Brewery in Columbia-Tusculum. Busse hopes to open a permanent storefront for her cookie biz someday, but she’s not sure where yet. Fingers crossed it’ll be in Cincinnati.

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