Chefs From Metropole and Revolution Rotisserie To Create Dinner Events at Carriage House Farm

Revolution Rotisserie’s Dana Adkins and Metropole sous chef Jason Louda have teamed up to create a family-style dinner that highlights produce grown at Carriage House Farm. Their goal: A dinner that’s literally farm-to-table.

What is a farm dinner? Dana: Carriage House Farm is the largest privately owned farm in Hamilton County—the Stewart family has owned it for more than 160 years. Jason: The guest list is 13 to 20 people who come sit under the outdoor terrace. Everything is cooked over an open flame, and each meal is different. Spring was six courses, tapas style. Fall is a harvest theme.

Why did you choose to work together on this project? Dana: I already appreciated his food style and I love the art of collaboration.

What does the menu look like? Jason: We start with what is in season. The main course is whole Ohio walleye. We’re going to pack it in clay, bury it in the ground under hot coals, and let it slow roast.

Are you experimenting with recipes now? Jason: A lot of times we decide the day of. The cool thing is, you’re on a farm.

So most of the food is from Carriage House? Dana: We do our best to make sure that if it’s not from Carriage House, then it’s from a neighborhood farm. Ohio Valley Food Connection has helped a lot.

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