Jason Dean

Age: 38 Country of birth: England Neighborhood: Wyoming Occupation: Events promoter
What brought you here? Rachel [his wife]: He comes from a long line of family members who move here when they meet someone. Jason: Yes, I seem to have a lot of family members who move over and then another visiting family member will meet someone and end up staying as well. That’s how I met my wife and we’ve been married 12 years.
Does anything remind you of home? Not a lot, because it’s so inland, whereas I grew up on the coast. But to tell you the truth, I’ve been living here 16 years, so I suppose this is home.
What still seems foreign? I still don’t like Skyline. I think you have to be born in Cincinnati to like it.
Do you have an American Dream? To start my own business, which I’ve actually done. It’s called Pandora Promotions.

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