Editor’s Letter, December 2018: Thank You

John Fox, Editor-in-Chief

Thank you. We don’t say or hear those words enough, especially in business or professional settings. Sometimes not even in personal interactions. Do we believe we deserve every courtesy, service, or transaction we receive and so acknowledging them would seem redundant? Do we consider “thank you” a sign of weakness in the never-ending competition to get ahead?

With the nation’s current climate of fear and suspicion, I can think of no better time to practice a little gratitude and humility. Be grateful when a stranger or coworker does something for you, even if it’s his or her job. Be humble when considering how many people helped you get where you are in life today; no one is completely self-made. Notice I say “practice” gratitude and humility—it clearly doesn’t come naturally to many of us.

In that spirit, I thank you for supporting Cincinnati Magazine by reading the print issue and website, interacting with our social media, subscribing to our e-mail newsletters, attending one of our events, or picking up our stand-alone wedding or baby guides. Our financial model depends on advertisers and sponsors paying for the right to connect with our audience, so we literally wouldn’t exist without you.

I also thank all of Cincinnati’s business owners, community leaders, outsized personalities, and quirky characters for making our home town so special. This issue features our annual “Best of the City” section, where we celebrate more than 100 people, places, and things that helped us love Cincinnati even more in 2018. Our two long-form stories, “Growing Up Poor in Cincinnati” and “Steve Driehaus Finds His True North,” focus on those trying to make Cincinnati a more equitable and successful city for all.

Finally, I thank everyone who made my first full year as Cincinnati Magazine Editor-in-Chief so enjoyable. I’m grateful for the opportunity to pursue stories celebrating Cincinnati’s amazing renaissance, and I’m humbled to be able to build on the magazine’s 51-year history of impactful journalism and inspiring design. Thank you, and happy holidays!

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