Pizza Bomba

Explosive Combinations

PizzaBomba has a thing for flair. As one of the newest additions to the growing fleet of Cincinnati food trucks, their white graffiti motif truck, complete with exploding pizzas and an animated bomb, is unmistakable. It’s been on the streets since March serving up pies with names that are just as memorable: the Reubenati, the Mother Clucker, and the Pulled Porkopolis, to name a few. All pizzas start with an 18-inch crust that is hand-tossed, baked aboard the truck, finished with chunky toppings like house-made bacon, chorizo, and sausage, and sold by the slice or as whole pies. The Cheezeemac is serious cheese overload. They start with a creamy créme fraîche–based cheese sauce and pile on macaroni, provolone, mozzarella, and a small amount of cheddar cheese on top of a chewy dough with just enough crisp in the bite. The Kimcheeza is the all-star of PizzaBomba’s offerings, a tangy Korean BBQ sauce topped with crunchy kimchi and huge pieces of homemade Asian-spiced pork belly. PizzaBomba serves four to six pies a day and the options rotate through their ever-growing menu of more than 20 unique combinations. While the traditional cheese and pepperoni pies shouldn’t be overlooked (served every day), all slices are priced the same, so the more adventurous pizzas have a better dollar-to-topping ratio. Case in point: The We Gotta Goetta Pie is a mess of hash browns, peppers, cheese and locally-made goetta. PizzaBomba’s dough and sauce may only be good, not great, but their always-changing, quirky topping combinations are well worth frequent return trips.

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Originally published in the September 2012 issue.


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