Sunny Deli

Let the Sun Shine In

Photograph by Stacey Newgent

How’s about a nice corned beef on rye with bibimbap on the side? East really meets West at this combo sandwich shop and rice bowl stand. It seems like Sunny Deli is striving to be Kosher Korean and strangely, the combo works. Monday: get an egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Tuesday: get a pastrami for lunch. Wednesday (and only Wednesday): get the house special, bibimbap. This dish is more an event than a lunch. It’s a big bowl full of rice topped with bulgogi (marinated rib-eye), shredded romaine, sliced fried egg, radish, zucchini, carrots, and cucumber, then topped with two sauces, including a Gochuchang Red Pepper Paste. It will fill you up, warm the cockles of your heart, and possibly melt off your tongue. In addition to deli traditions and Asian specialties, Sunny Deli does some bold combinations, like a wasabi mayo roast beef sandwich, a salami cream cheese wrap, and a turkey sandwich with cranberry mayo. We often think of a place that does many things as not doing any one thing well, but that’s not the case here. The Asian part of the menu politely kowtows to the deli fare, but once you’ve tried the curry chicken with vegetables or the spicy mapo tofu, you kind of forget that they even serve BLTs. Sunny has built a steady flow of repeat breakfast and lunch customers despite being hidden on the ground floor of the Carew Tower, in the old Bissinger’s Ice Cream shop. But it’s well worth taking the time to find.

Sunny Deli, 441 Vine St. (near the Mezzanine)
(513) 651-5090.
Prices: $4–$8.
Breakfast and lunch Mon–Fri.

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